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Through the matrix of the human channels of vibration, starting with the ear, the brain, the voice, and the body, we can begin to listen our way to good health and wholeness.



The Listening Matrix program's results were above and beyond what I expected them to be. In addition to achieving a close to perfect listening curve, I experienced many other benefits as well. Within the first few weeks of the program my sense of rhythm improved greatly; I was able to not only identify but keep up with complex rhythms I would often lose before. I also heard vast differences in the pitch of my voice while singing. I'm now better able to pinpoint certain frequencies and tune my voice to the correct pitch. I noticed many physical benefits such as moving (walking, dancing, holding things, etc.) more gently and gracefully as opposed to my usual choppy and heavy movements, and being able to draw, paint, and write much more skillfully and smooth. The program contributed greatly not only to my musical capacities but to my everyday life, and I highly recommend it.

– Anonymous, Singer/Songwriter, female age 15, Los Angeles


"My left vocal cord was in atrophy and in less than three weeks of using APP Listening, it is functioning properly with full use and in good health. My ENT was astonished."

– Anonymous Professional Singer, female age 64, Los Angeles


“After three years of feeling horrible and trying every method out there to feel better, I started to feel like myself again in just a few listening sessions. I could never have accomplished so much at work and at home a couple of weeks ago. This process is truly amazing. I'm getting my life back!" 

– Anonymous Professional VoiceOver Actress, female age 62 Los Angeles



"After a diagnosis of PTSD, severe depression and anxiety disorder, treated by 9 specialists in the field, and on medication, I now have an additional set of toosl without medication that gives me excellent results to help control my anxiety and lead a healthier life. Hearing better (to the tune of 40 decibels better in some frequencies) made me feel more grounded therefore I am feeling much better and singing much better. With daily singing and listening, the feeling of static inside my core feels more manageable. My life has definitely improved since working with Darlene and her Listening Matrix activities."

–Anonymous Professional, Recording Artist, male age 55,
now in the top 5 radio charts on tour from Wisconsin.


"I would recommend the Listening Matrix program above ever putting your child or someone you know on ADD medication. The price is very small compared to the years of disappointing results from school systems who don't care. . . The greatest part about working on your ability to learn is that with improvements comes the desire to continue improving. This was markedly the most exciting part of the Listening Matrix program for me because of the feeling of actually wanting to work towards a goal is something that I haven't felt often, especially not feeling I could do so successfully. Being able to concentrate now has changed my ability to learn and to communicate with others so much easier. My singing has taken on a whole new expanded range, much more resonant sound, more agile, responsive and now I am also accomplishing the difficult task of singing a piece of music at first sight without accompaniment!"

–Anonymous Vocalist, female age 24 from Southern California

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