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Darlene is a most extraordinary vocal talent.  The voice is true and pure and has the widest possible range of styles at its command.  She also has the heart to be able to put real meaning into a song and bring it to life...Beyond her immense talent, she is totally professional and completely reliable, two rather rare and invaluable qualities.

Los Angeles, CA circa 2000

"The voice of angels . . ."

Russ Davis - SiriusXM

Los Angeles, CA 2007 Review of "Infinite Voice"

"Darlene's talents have never ceased to amaze me!"

David Foster - multi-Grammy Winning Composer, Producer

Los Angeles, CA 2000 - Review of "Heavenly Peace"

"I love your singing."

Peter Gabriel - multi-Grammy Winner formerly with Genesis

London, England, 1993 - Review of "Keys to the World"

"Darlene is the nightingale of New Age music."

RJ Lannen - ZMR Reviewer

New Orleans, LA 2017 Review of "Color Me Home"

Although we've never met until recently . . . I've known of your rep as one of the best singers in the biz but never had a chance to hear you solo until I popped in your Kaleidoscope demo and sampled a bunch of tracks.  The range, not only in notation but styles, is amazing . . . . young composers need to know that talents like you exist and can make their job easier and their music sound better.

Steve Winogradsky, Esq.

Los Angeles, CA 2006- Review of Kaleidoscope Demo

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What They're Saying About Darlene . . .

Kaleidoscope Vocal Sampler

This is a demonstration of the type of singing Darlene has worked on for some of the world's finest composers and producers in film, television, albums, commercials, and live recordings up to 2002. Please start with part one. The style of singing and the part she has sung with additional work she's done is listed on the right.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the sampler. For current singing examples, please refer to Darlene's solo albums on this site.


If your are a singer and would like KeyNote Productions, Inc. to produce your sampler in our studio, send an e-mail with your contact information and we'd be happy to speak with you about producing your demo.

Variety Spectrum 1  •  Song Excerpt

Variety Spectrum 2  •  Seriously Classical

Variety Spectrum 4  •  Vocal Art

Variety Spectrum 3  •  Light Jazz & Semi-Classical

Darlene's Singing or Spoken Word Samplers

Darlene's speaking voice has also graced the canvases of many projects.


"Secret Wish Horses"-announcer and solo singing

"Alladin"-announcer and group singing

"Shasta Colas"-characters

"Yves Daniel Jeans"-announcer

"Southwestern Bell"-announcer

"Christian Reformed Home Missions"-announcer

"Good Neighbor Pharmacy"-announcer tags


“Sleep System CDs” -announcer


"K2r"-announcer, English with French accent

"Purina Dog Treats" - announcer, all vocals

Various Radio Station IDs Worldwide

Educational Video:

Japanese "Postcards from the Edge" Principal:

     Nurse Kashiwad and group


ADR"Ikete, Ikete Loving Life" Principal & group

ADR & Live Show: Ferranti Sciaky Welding Convention-narrator/model/spokesperson

Television Shows:

"Life Goes On"-ADR

"America's Funniest Commercials" -TV Special Theme,  Rap


"Sister Act"- voice of the Daisy Clock

"Forty-Seven Days with Jesus" - voice of Mary Mother of     


"Knights of Swing" - voice of operator

Live Pre-Recorded Shows: "Grease on Ice"  Principal

     Character: Patty


"Blissful Magic" by Sultan Greyhawk -newscaster

Publisher Demos

Hal Leonard-numerous character voices for

musicals, plays & industrials

Audio Books :

More Chicken Soup for the Soul

A Third Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind's Musical Ear

Contact Darlene Koldenhoven

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