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Soothing Solo Piano Music

Legacy Front Cover.jpg


Piano, Composition, Production - Darlene Koldenhoven

at TimeArt® Studio, Studio City, CA. 

Mixing & Mastering – Steve Shepherd at Extreme Mixing

Cover Image - Shutterstock & Adobe Stock

Graphic Design - Brian Stroh
Headshot Back Cover - Brigette Jouxtel

Album PlayTime: 46 Minutes 

©2021 TimeArt® Recordings

DarSongs Music ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.

Release Date: October 22, 2021

Legacy Akademia Award.png

Indie Music Channel Awards

September 4, 2022

Best Classical Songwriter

"Ancient Forest"

Track from The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy

Best Classical Artist

"Sweet Conversations"

Track from The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy



Best Classical Crossover Music

Best Composer


The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy is the sequel to GRAMMY® Winner Darlene Koldenhoven’s successful #4 ‘hot shot debut’ Billboard Classical Crossover Charting album, The Grand Piano Spa. Arriving on October 22, 2021, The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy continues the wave of her solo piano music that was inspired out of the isolation of the pandemic to support us and now raises our hopes for a brighter future. Ten beautiful, emotive, original pieces are crafted to highlight Darlene’s mastery and heartfelt sensitivity of expression on the grand pianoforte. Each track, whether improvised or composed, tells a unique story culminating in an overall message of relaxation, carrying on the tradition of classical crossover, New Age, Solo Piano music. From the brilliant “Radiance” to the slow-moving, meditative “Glaciers” to the grandness of “Ancient Forest,” each piece massages our ears, relaxes the mind and cradles the body with divine vibrations. The self-produced album has 46 minutes of luxurious sound to immerse oneself in, like sinking into a warm bath or embracing an emotional hug. Whether background music for dining, working, studying, yoga, massage, falling asleep, putting the kids to bed, or just taking pleasure in the simple things of life, this elegant music satisfies our musical curiosity while gently rejuvenating our spirits. Treat yourself to a tranquil time at The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy. (The companion collection of digital sheet music is also available.) Revealed here is the piano side of this multi-talented American artist, usually known for her radiant, GRAMMY® winning voice you’ve heard in everything from Yanni, Live at the Acropolis to Sister Act; including her own multi-award-winning #1 radio chart-debuting albums: vocal based Color Me Home and Infinite Voice and piano with instrumentation Chromatones and Tranquil Times.

Legacy Back Cover.jpg


Darlene Koldenhoven is a GRAMMY® Award Winner with 3 GRAMMY® nominations and the first inductee into the IMC’s Indie Music Hall of Fame presented at the GRAMMY Museum®. Darlene’s The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy (10/22/21) debuted #8 on the Billboard Classical Crossover Album Charts (week of November 6) its first week out and has already won several awards. It is the sequel to her first solo piano album, The Grand Piano Spa (5/14/21) that Hot Shot Debuted at #4 on Billboard’s Classical Crossover Albums Chart (week of May 29, 2021); winner of the Gold Medal for Best Classical Crossover Composer by Global Music Awards (8/7/21); and Best New Age Song & Best Easy Listening Song from IMC Awards. (9/5/21) and more. Darlene is known worldwide as the featured soprano soloist singing “Aria” in the PBS TV Special and Video, Yanni, Live at the Acropolis seen by over 1.5 billion television viewers and millions more now on YouTube. She has several #1 albums on the ZMR International Radio Charts. Her biggest-award winning albums are Color Me Home that debuted #1 and won a stunning 20 awards and 35 nominations, including ZMR’s Best New Age Vocal Album 2018; two piano with instrumentation albums: Chromatones that won COVR’s Music of the Year 2019 and Tranquil Times IMA’s Best New Age Album 2012; and Heavenly Peace ZMR’s Best Holiday Album 2008. Other GRAMMY® Winners Tom Scott, Wouter Kellerman, Ricky Kej, Charlie Bisharet, Brent Fischer and nominees David Arkenstone and Rocky Dawuni appear on her albums released on her label, TimeArt® Recordings, that are heard all over the world including SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and hundreds more worldwide radio stations. Her instrumental Chromatones and Tranquil Times are played in treatment rooms of massage and healing practitioners and are on rotation on the CARE Channel Network in hospitals and hospices worldwide. SkyLounge Magazine, the worldwide exclusive membership and in-flight luxury magazine has Darlene on the cover of the autumn 2021 issue with 11-page interview. Darlene’s voice of many genres has sung on over 1,000 recordings in film, television, albums, commercials and charitable causes internationally. She has sung on a plethora of artists’ albums including Pink Floyd, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Neil Young, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Kenny Loggins, and as lead soprano for Clare Fischer’s 2+2, the source of her GRAMMY® Award and 3 nominations in Best Jazz Vocal Performance by Group. Before the pandemic, Darlene traveled to India three times to be a featured live performer with GRAMMY® Winner Ricky Kej before the Queen of Bangalore and thousands of fans, including a TEDx Talk in an effort to raise awareness of climate change and humanitarian causes that she holds dear. Darlene has performed also as soloist with David Byrne at the Royal Albert Hall with London’s Royal Philharmonic; the Chicago Symphony; on the Academy Awards® with the late Robin Williams, and most notably, as the tambourine-waving choir nun with Whoopi Goldberg in both Sister Act films where off-camera she was the production vocal coach, music director and rehearsal pianist during their choreography rehearsals. Even Olympic athletes like Olympic Silver Medalist and US Champion Figure Skater Sasha Cohen perform to her music. Born and raised in Chicago, Darlene’s formal piano training that began at age 9 made the piano her closest friend. In spite of losing the use of her right hand for five years due to a horrible accident twenty years ago that even after reconstructive surgery left one finger deformed, she forged on, regaining most of her piano prowess where she now performs her elegant solo piano concerts with her newest albums. Darlene reads music and improvises, playing many styles – Classical, New Age, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Musical Theater. She accompanies herself on piano or keytar-synth in her live vocal concerts; played harpsichord and piano with orchestras; and on synth and vocals has accompanied other vocalists or instrumentalists on their live concert tours. Ms. Koldenhoven holds a Master’s degree in voice and Bachelors in Music Education from Chicago Conservatory College and has authored an educational book with 7 instructional CDs titled, Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind’s Musical Ear endorsed by faculty from Juilliard to American Idol, Berklee, NYU. She is a credentialed voice teacher and certified Integrated Listening Systems sonic therapist who helps people overcome dis-ease by using her therapeutic music and unique listening techniques in her private practice as well as her healing music concerts and workshops internationally. She writes a column for In the Key Magazine titled “The Prescription is Music.” Born and raised in Chicago, Darlene lives in Los Angeles, California with her singing rescue dog, Poochini.                                                     

SkyLounge Cover.png

SkyLounge Magazine Fall 2021 Issue internationally

Cover & 11 Page Interview

Legacy page.jpg

two of the pages from SkyLounge Magazine's 11 page interview

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The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy


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DK-TGPSL_Number 8_Billboard Classical Crossover Albums Chart_11-02-21.jpg

Debuted #8 on Billboard Magazine's

Classical Crossover Albums Chart

(week of Nov 6, 2021) its first week out

#4 on Amazon its first day out

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THANK YOU to Radio Already Spinning Darlene's Album!!! Here's just a few remarkable shows and stations spinning The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy.

CKUW-FM, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

KBLA-HD3 Davenport, IA

KKUP-FM Cupertino, CA 

KUOS, Sedona, AZ

WBAI-FM New York, NY

WBTV-FM Charlottesville, NC

WERU-FM Bluehill, ME

WESS 90.3FM Alternating Currents East Stroudsburg PA

WFCF (coming Nov/Dec) St. Augustine, FL
WFIT 89.5 FM - Melbourne, FL

WGDR-FM Plainfield, VT

WHYR-FM Baton Rouge, LA

WMRW-FM Warren, VT

WMUH 91.7 Thought Radio, Allentown

WVUD 91.3 The Morning Fog, Newark DE
Aloha Joe's "Relaxation Island" Aloha Radio Network, HI

NewAgeNotes Radio debuted #10

Peter Bochan's "All Mixed Up" Syndicated Show

One World Music Radio debuted at #6 Nov & #6 Dec

The Piano Bar #3 at OWM

In the Spotlight at OWM

Playlist #378 & Take 3 #248 at OWM

Peaceful Radio, Netherlands

The River of Calm, TN

Darlene Koldenhoven - Solo Piano alb 2nd place.jpg

One World Music Radio Awards 2021

Best Solo Piano Album 2nd Place. Given May 2022

Retailing Insight NovDec 2021 Legacy.jpg

Retailing Insight Magazine Nov/Dec Holiday Issue (12/10/21)

What They are Saying . . .


"The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy’ is utterly uplifting and radiant. This is a true treasure in the deep sea of New Age solo piano.” 

- Dyan Garris, New Age CD, Retailing Insight Magazine (8/21/21)

Read Full Review Click Here

“Darlene Koldenhoven has such a warm performance style, one that raises the spirits and energies of the listener, but also soothes the day ahead with such style. The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy is truly a panacea of beautiful piano based music, that will ease away the strains and stresses of any moment with the ease of a new sunrise, this album is the apex of all that is good, serene and tranquil in the solo piano genre.

–Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio (8/3/21)

Read Full Review Click Here

“Never too much of a good thing, GRAMMY® Award winning vocalist Darlene Koldenhoven continues on the success of her recent instrumental album The Grand Piano Spa with her thrilling follow-up release The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy. Within ten tracks of immutable idyllic music, she transports the listener to their favorite places of fantasies and daydreams.”

- R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews (7/29/21)

“Warm, soothing and optimistic, Darlene Koldenhoven’s The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy brings messages of hope and healing. Themes of nature, love, and beauty flow from Darlene’s heart to her fingers on the piano keys, communicating directly to our own hearts and imaginations with peaceful images and gentle sounds. It’s even better than a massage!

–Kathy Parsons, Mainly (8/6/21)

Read Full Review Click Here

"What's always most striking about new albums from Darlene Koldenhoven is the crystal clarity of her keyboards... as I listen to songs like "Cumulus", it's easy to realize why she is such a sought after pianist... absolutely timeless playing and flawless recording!"

–Dick Metcalf, Music Editor (7/30/21)

Read Full Review Click Here

“Profoundly hopeful and inspiring, “Legacy” takes “The Grand Piano Spa” to incredible new heights.”

–BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide (8/3/21)

Read Full Review Click Here

"This is the perfect listening experience. Darlene is a brilliant musician that knows how to create perfect beauty with the ivory keys."

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews (8/16/21)

Read Full Review Click Here

"Darlene is such a phenomenal vocalist and overall brilliant musician and human being. It is displayed in everything musically she releases. Close your eyes, breathe, and let the music revitalize your soul."

–Jaconell Mouton, South African Pianist, Composer (8/25/21)

"Darlene Koldenhoven: Album: ‘The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy’ Released: October 22nd 2021
“A fabulous sequel to Darlene’s ‘The Grand Piano Spa’. Great New-Age piano flavour, Emotive, Relaxing & Reflective. Splendid album!”
Recommended Tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 10.
Hawke Rating: 9/10

–Hawke CD Reviews & Ratings: Issue 12. July 8 2021 to October 22, 2021. (12/10/21)

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