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Listening: give one's attention to a sound. Matrix: an environment or material in which something develops; an organizational structure in which two or more lines of command, responsibility, or communication may run through the same individual.



Listening Matrix is devoted to helping you and those you care about, live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. Our priority is helping the individual feel and function better with one-on-one personal, private, customized programs designed for the growth of the person and we do it in an enjoyable way though the ear, through listening and integrated activities.


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A Specialty Listening and Voice Center in Southern California

Listening Matrix is a specialty center for vocal rejuvenation, development, and speech and singing technique; auditory processing development, brain optimization, creative output, motivation, vitality, musicality, communication, creativity, coordination of body and mind and so forth. Integrating the therapeutic value of listening sessions with specific visual, balance, and vocal activities, we train the brain to process and manage multi-sensory input to improve learning and life performance by helping to normalize the way you process and integrate sensory information.


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To help you be a better You.

It's not that complicated. We want to help you be a better You. Help you do everything better: listen better, sing better, express yourself, have faster memory recall, feel and look rejuvenated, enjoy life more, get a head start or fresh start, and so forth. Whether its prenatal to elderly with all the other of life's challenges along the way, through the amazing ear, we help you find new pathways to health and wholeness. The process is fun, it feels good, and it helps those of any age unlock their hidden physical and mental abilities.


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  • Happy Clients

  • Positive Experiences

  • Beautiful Music

  • Our Time Together

  • Tools with Results

  • Commitment

  • Compliance

  • Consistency

  • Communication


iLs based Tomatis APP Listening

Vocal Awareness & Development

Vocal Rejuvenation

Tonal Perception & Ear-Training

Rhythmic Perception & Movement

Speech, Languages, Accents

Brain Performance


Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Athletes

Speakers, Teachers, Pastors, Directors

Artists, Writers, Entertainers, Painters

Actors & VoiceOver Actors

Sound Engineers & Producers

Students, Executives, Caretakers

Parents, Grandparents, Children

Pitch Challenged & Perfect Pitch

Rhythmically Challenged

Reading, Speech Challenged

Gifted and Special Needs

Physically/Psychologically Challenged

Depressed, PTSD, Rehab

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