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Welcome to TimeArt® Studio in Los Angeles (Studio City), California . . .
. . . a professional, ergonomically refined and artistic working environment designed for creative and efficient peak performance. Our studio & staff have extensive experience working with Recording Artists, Songwriters, TV/Film & Commercial Companies, Corporations, Publishing Companies, including individual Producers, Vocalists, Musicians, ADR and Voice-Over talent. Remote viewing is available. We are happy to discuss your project with you. 

TimeArt Recordings & Publications

TimeArt Recordings & Publications is a boutique independent record label and music education book publisher located in Studio City, CA.

TimeArt Recordings distributors: CDBaby, AES, New Leaf, Devorss.

TimeArt Publications distributor: Alfred Music worldwide. 

ALBUMS by Darlene Koldenhoven


  Color Me Home (debuted #1 radio charts, won 20 awards/35 nominations)

  Tranquil Times

  Solitary Treasures

  Angel on Ivories

  Inspired by a True Story

  Infinite Voice

  Heavenly Peace

  Keys to the World

SINGLE by Earle Dumler with Darlene Koldenhoven

  Cascade - 12/16/18

BOOK with 7 CDs by Darlene Koldenhoven

Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind's Musical Ear (High & Low)

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Reviews & Testimonials

"I've recorded at TimeArt many times and always found the experience rewarding. I highly recommend this studio, particularly for vocal sessions. The studio has an excellent mic selection for vocalists as well as a beautiful Baldwin grand piano, and is intelligently designed and ergonomically laid out. Plus, the property is beautiful and very relaxing. Highest marks!"

-Brad Cole, producer/arranger/keyboardist/keyboardist @ Phill Collins

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