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There are many benefits from music. Listen well. Enjoy!


Based on the needs of the client, location and scheduling, rental equipment used with Listening Matrix is available through iLs (Integrated Listening Systems). 


The iLs Total Focus System. Available for rental home use under supervision of certified provider. Requires certified provider's ID to rent. Contact Listening Matrix first. 


Endorsed by faculty from The Juilliard School, NYU, Berklee College of Music, American Idol, The Voice, Ventura College, Clairmont High San Diego and more. 

Here's a comprehensive music education listening and singing method based on the organization of music's sound properties, that trains the brain to think musically, have better pitch and musical perception, a better singing voice and a much improved listening ear. Read what people are saying. 

After you've received your Listening Martrix ID code, contact iLs directly through this LINK with the code to rent your listening unit.

Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind's Musical Ear


94 Page Book

7 Instructional CDs

High & Low Versions

Ear - Training & Visual


Ear - Voice Connection 

Ear - Rhythm & Midline 

Auditory Motor 

Basic Music Theory

Space Time Code of Music 

Tonal & Pattern Duration 

Musical Brain Builders 

Pitch Discrimination

Ear - Eye Pitch Remedy

Tonal Memory

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