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Single and Track 1 on Traveling the Blissful Highway by Darlene Koldenhoven

Cheerful Mohana
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Cheerful Mohana (4:11) is the first single release (7/15/22) from Darlene's award-winning New Age instrumental album

"Traveling the Blissful Highway" (10/14/2022). See credits & liner notes below.


World Music Festival Laurel WIN copy.jpg

Winner Best Instrumental Music • World Music Festival 12/2/2023

Winner Best of Pangea - New Age • Intercontinental Awards 8/27/23

CM One Earth Award Song.png

Gold Winner Best New Age/Ambient Song • One Earth Awards 5/19/23

IMG_0252 statuette 13 darlene.jpg

Winner Best New Age Contemporary Instrumental Song
• New Age Notes Radio 3/15/23

HMMA Nomination 2022 Cheerful Mohana.png

Nomination Best Ambient/New Age • HMMAwards 9/15/22

IMC Awards Cheerful Mohana.jpg

Best World Music Recording • Indie Music Channel Awards 9/4/22

Best New Age Music • Platinum LIT Talent Award, International,
London 10/22

WINNERS of the YEAR 2023
Best Ambient Music Video and Best Ambient Song
• X-
Poze-ing Music Awards 12/9/23

New Age Notes Radio top songs of 2022.png

Cheerful Mohana #5 in Top 22 New Age Songs of 2022 on New Age Notes Radio


" This one is gold for relaxing and chilling in downtime." –SoundsLikeCafé, Australia, 10/4/22


"Bright and lively with an uplifting sparkle." – Kathy Parsons, 8/3/22

"There is no better way to greet the day than with Cheerful Mohana. The stunning raga has a lot of beautiful moving parts and elysian elements to start your day. With a joyful flute by Ron Korb and subtle tabla by Venugopala Raju, Darlene’s rapturous opening number is all the energies in the universe soaking into your being. Time to take that first step." - R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews  8/9/22

“Some of the most relaxing and dreamy music you will have the pleasure of enjoying. Cheerful Mohana, the first single of the upcoming album sets the tone and atmosphere perfectly.”

–Keith “Muzik Man” Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews 8/4/22

“Cheerful Mohana is a bright, cheerful, New Age instrumental track arranged with ethnic influences from India and a touch of vocalese background used as instrumentation towards the end of the track. This is a very uplifting piece of music that opens the upcoming album, Traveling the Blissful Highway.

–BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide, Norway 7/19/22

 Read Cheerful Mohana Review on New Age Music Guide

Cheerful Mohana Video & Awards


Cheerful Mohana Video: Darlene Koldenhoven - Producer & Music • Andreea Petcu - Video Editing

Cheerful Mohana Video • Darlene - music • Andreea Petcu - video editor

CM One Earth Award Video.png

"Cheerful Mohana" Video GOLD WINNER One Earth Awards

Best Music Video Narrative/Montage Based 5/19/23 
Darlene Koldenhoven - music & Andreea Petcu - video editor

2023 Award Winner - Better Earth International Film Festival - Cheerful Mohana.png
Cheerful Mohana (Video).jpg

"Cheerful Mohana" Video 2023 Better Earth International Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement Music Video Award Winner 5/15/23 
Darlene Koldenhoven - music & Andreea Petcu - video editor

Clouzine Winner CM video.jpg

"Cheerful Mohana" Video wins Clouzine International Music Awards Spring 2023 Best New Age Music Video Award. 2/23

Darlene Koldenhoven - music & Andreea Petcu - video editor.

Best Music Video - Silver Global Music Award 12/15/22
Darlene Koldenhoven - music & Andreea Petcu - video editor


(Known to Date)

SoundsLikeCafé, Australia, Debuted #2 on Charts 10/4/22

Guido's Lounge Café, Netherlands

Journeyscapes, FL
New Age Music Guide, Norway #6 on July Chart

New Age Notes, Phoenix, AZ 8/20/22 & #6 September Chart

#5 in The 22 Best New Age Songs of 2022.

Video appears on featured videos page.

One World Music Radio - Playlist #109  & Kaleidoscope #44

Peaceful Currents Radio, Marshall, MO July, 2022

Peaceful Radio Show 1502, The Netherlands 8/6/22

The River of Calm, Nashvillle, TN


KCSN-FM, Northridge, CA

KDNK-FM 88.1 Carbondale, CO Wholly Bozos

KPBX 91.1FM, Spokane, WA Soundspace with Zan New Music

KRWV-FM  99.3, Phoenix, AZ The Wave Smooth Jazz & More

9/29 spun daily in medium rotation!

WFCF, St. Augustine, FL, 8/2022 Wings

WHYR-FM, Baton Rouge, LA.

WMNR, WGRS, WGSK, WRXC covering CT & parts of NY New Music Gallery 3/2023

#6 Cheerful Mohana Chart.jpg
New Age Notes Chart.jpg



GRAMMY®Award Winner and 3 time Nominee, Darlene Koldenhoven is a vocalist, pianist, composer, arranger, lyricist, speaker, and sonic therapist from Studio City, CA, born and raised in Chicago, IL. Her first two solo piano albums, “The Grand Piano Spa” and “The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy” debuted on the prestigious Billboard Classical Crossover Charts at #4 and #8, respectively in May & November 2021. May & June 2022 gifted Darlene with a Lifetime Achievement Award from One World Music Radio and Outstanding Legacy Award from the Akademia Awards. She was inducted to the Indie Music Hall of Fame at the GRAMMY® Museum in 2019 by the Indie Music Channel Awards and the COVR Award hailed her “Chromatones” as 2019 Album of the Year a few months later. Several of her albums ranked #1 on the worldwide ZMR Radio Charts and she has 2 Best New Age Vocal Album and Best Holiday Album from ZMR. Darlene is best known worldwide as the featured soprano in "Yanni, Live at the Acropolis" and for her role as the tambourine-waving choir nun in both "Sister Act" films with Whoopi Goldberg. Ms. Koldenhoven has authored "Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind's Musical Ear," a comprehensive music education book with 7 CDs or downloads.  She performs her music worldwide.

For full bio click here.

Travelers' Notes

Liner Notes & Credits

Cheerful Mohana  4:11

Darlene Koldenhoven - Composition, Arrangement, Synth Programming, Keyboard Performances, Background Vocalese, Engineer. Recorded by Darlene at TimeArt Studio, Studio City, California USA
Ron Korb - Bansuri Flute & Improvised Flute parts Recorded at Humble Dragon Studio by Ron Korb, Toronto, Canada
Venugopala Raju - Improvised: Tablas, Dukki Tarang, Tabla Tarang, Khanjira, Bass Drum, Shakers, Tambourine, Recorded by Shrinidhi Omkar at Omkar Studios, Bangalore, India

Steve Shepherd  - mixing at TimeArt Studio; Mastered at Extreme Mixing Studio

Cover Image - Shutterstock • Graphic Design - Darlene Koldenhoven & Brian Stroh

© 2022 TimeArt® Recordings

© 2022 DarSongs Music ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.

Mohana is the name for the morning raga (or scale) in Indian culture where it is known to have the power to calm down anxiety, stabilize mood and blood pressure, soothe the depressed state of mind and help in relieving migraine and headaches. Thus the title Cheerful Mohana and a great track to start your day. It is also composed in the actual key of the mohana which is C# major.

Notes: I wrote "Cheerful Mohana" to bring an uplifting joy to the listener so I composed the piece using the Indian raga mohana. In western music the tonal center is C#. I programmed and performed all my arrangement parts on keyboard synth into my computer using ProTools. I wanted to add some authentic sounds and players to the mix. So I asked GRAMMY® Winner Ron Korb in Toronto, Canada and Venugopala Raju in Bangalore, India if they would be willing to play on my new album. I met both of these incredible talents when we worked together performing with GRAMMY® Winner Ricky Kej at the Bangalore Palace (2016) and his Tedx Talk in Mumbai, India (2018). Ricky sent Ron a set of Indian bansari flutes and the first time Ron used one of them was on this cheerful melody I wrote! Ron also improvised a track of regular C flute. He recorded himself at his Humble Dragon Studio in Toronto. Meanwhile, Venu improvised and recorded several Indian percussion instruments with Shrinidhi Omkar at Omkar Studios in Bangalore, India such as  Dukki Tarang, Tabla Tarang, Khanjira, Bass Drum, Shakers, and Tambourine. Both gentlemen sent me their tracks which I incorporated into my file. Then I added some vocalese toward the end of the piece for a little musical surprise. My mixing engineer, Steve Sheherd (Kenny G.) mixed the track in my TimeArt Studio (Studio City, CA) and mastered it at his Extreme Mixing Studio (Lake Balboa, CA). I hope you'll enjoy their playing on "Cheerful Mohana" as much as I do!

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