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Whether you're a professional or a beginner, Classical to Pop, young child to adult, you'll want the best care for your instrument - the human voice. Here, Grammy® Award winner Darlene Koldenhoven, a credentialed music educator and professional vocalist, pianist, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer with over 30 years experience working with all ages, abilities, and styles, will help you will find ways to experience singing in a way that offers the power of total vocal freedom and finding the expression of your own voice.

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Darlene Koldenhoven will be happy to assist you with these Educational Services listed below. Darlene has taught thousands of voices from the pitch challenged to major stars and everyone in between. Accelerated learning techniques are used and taught throughout the study. Students may experience positive changes and developments from the very first lesson. You may choose to learn any or all of these areas listed below which may be blended into each lesson as the situation or need arises. Darlene offers Consultation Services and her Private or Group Lessons with a flexible schedule to meet your needs. Ms. Koldenhoven also lectures and conducts master classes, workshops & concerts nationwide.

Singing and Your Minds Musical Ear

Darlene's new book with 7 instructional CDs for voice, ear-training, music theory and much more.

Allison Janney
Multi-Emmy Award Winner Mom, The West Wing, Mama Mia, 9 to 5, Hairspray
Sister Act and Sister Act II
Production Vocal Coach, Music Director, On Camera Tambourine-waving choir nun.
Hector Elizondo
Actor, Singer, Announcer, "Last Man Standing" –Voice
Robin Thicke
Grammy Nominated singer, piano, keyboard harmony & music theory at age 13.
Michael Mayo
Solo Vocalist for Herbie Hancock
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Articles by Darlene Koldenhoven

Nurturing Our Inner Mother Nature
Creations Magazine - May 2017

A Case for Sonic Therapy - 2/2018

Darlene's sonic education website for optimizing the ear/brain/voice/body connections.

Ask Darlene how this program can improve your voice, listening skills, communication skills, creativity, mood, self-confidence and eliminate a foreign accent or acquire one for acting/opera roles.

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Demonstrating a Wide Variety of Vocal Styles

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Books where Darlene was Interviewed and Included
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Teaching Reveiws & Testimonials

“You were absolutely wonderful! You truly are a master in the truest sense of the word. I've been a music writer for over 35 years and I don't think I've ever heard the information you shared given in such a clear practical manner. The SCL Board [Society of Composers & Lyricists] is excited about the prospect of revisiting this topic, if you're willing, either in late summer or fall. Once Again, Thanks for a terrific experience.”

—Ira Hearshen, Composer, Pulitzer Prize 2x Nominee, Los Angeles, CA

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