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Voice Lessons & Vocal Workshops Darlene Koldenhoven, M.M., B.M.Ed.

Art of Singing

Introduction to Art of Singing

Whether you're a professional or a beginner, Classical to Pop, young child to adult, you'll want the best care for your instrument - the human voice. Here, Grammy® Award winner Darlene Koldenhoven, a credentialed music educator and professional vocalist, pianist, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer with over 30 years experience working with all ages, abilities, and styles, will help you will find ways to experience singing in a way that offers the power of total vocal freedom and finding the expression of your own voice.

Information about Lessons & Consultations

Lessons are by audition (requires booking a minimum of half hour consultation time) or recommendation only. Darlene Koldenhoven will be happy to assist you with these Educational Services listed below. Darlene has taught thousands of voices from the pitch challenged to major stars and everyone in between. Accelerated learning techniques are used and taught throughout the study. Students may experience positive changes and developments from the very first lesson. You may choose to learn any or all of these areas listed below which may be blended into each lesson as the situation or need arises. Darlene offers Consultation Services and her Private or Group Lessons with a flexible schedule to meet your needs. Ms. Koldenhoven also lectures and conducts master classes, workshops & concerts nationwide.

Singing and Your Minds Musical Ear

Darlene's new book with 7 instructional CDs for voice, ear-training, music theory and much more.

Darlene Koldenhoven

Bio/Resume Highlights Educational Emphasis


Darlene Koldenhoven has a GRAMMY® Award and 3 GRAMMY® Nominations for Best Jazz Vocal Performance by Duo or Group (’86) and holds a Masters Degree in Voice magna cum laude (’76) and a Bachelors Degree in Music Education cum laude (‘71) from Chicago Conservatory College. She holds a Lifetime California Teaching Credential in Music: K – Community College ('79) and is a certified sonic therapist (2014).


Darlene has an MVP Award for Best Studio Singer from The Recording Academy (The GRAMMYS) for singing on thousands of recording sessions for movies, television shows, commercials, industrials, records and live concerts in practically every style of singing and 23 foreign languages.


Ms. Koldenhoven is known worldwide for her solo appearance in the PBS video and live concert: Yanni, Live at the Acropolis, (’94-present) and as a beloved choir nun and real life vocal coach/choir director for both Sister Act films with Whoopi Goldberg and Spy Hard with Leslie Nielson.


Darlene has received two Emmy Award Certificates, two Telley Awards, and many other awards for her singing, songwriting, and producing. Darlene was the first inductee into the Indie Music Hall of Fame at the Grammy Museum in 2019, and in  2022 was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from One World Music Radio and an Outstanding Legacy Award from the Akademia Awards for her repertoire of "timeless music important to future generations." She has created and produced 13 albums on her TimeArt® Recordings label. The Grand Piano Spa hot shot debuted #4 on the prestigious Billboard Classical Crossover Albums Chart week of May 29, 2021, the first week out and won Best Classical Album by the Akademia Awards. The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy debuted #8 on Billboard Classical Crossover Albums Chart week of November 6, its first week out and also won Best Classical Album by the Akademia Awards. Her 9th album, Color Me Home, debuted #1 on the Radio Charts, won 20 awards including Best Vocal Album 2018 and 35 nominations. Album ten, Chromatones, an instrumental won Music of the Year 2019. Infinite Voice, album four, escalated to #1 on the Radio Charts in just a few weeks, ranked the #2 album of all Top 100 Airplay for 2007 and won the Broadcaster’s Award for Best Vocal Album 2007. Heavenly Peace, her Christmas album, debuted #2 on the radio charts in 2000 and as a re-release, won the Broadcaster’s Award for Best Holiday Album 2007. Broadcasters also Nominated Solitary Treasures Best Vocal Album 2012 that was among the three albums and four Holiday singles that Darlene wrote, produced, and released in 2011; as was Angel on Ivories, honored by The American Prize Best Art Song Vocalist – Professional Finalist.


Certified in the state of California with a Lifetime Teaching Credential for College Level, from 2000-2003, Ms. Koldenhoven was on the adjunct music faculties of four of the most prestigious music-oriented colleges and universities in Southern California: UCLAx, CSUN & CSUNx, CSLA, and Citrus College. At Citrus College, she created and developed the syllabus for and taught the “pop vocal performer” classes as well as taught the individual instruction and has taught the same or similar classes at CSUN, CSUN Extensions, and UCLA Extensions. Prior to moving to California, Darlene was a full time music teacher (Orff, Kodaly) in the Chicago Suburban Elementary School System - Districts 59 & 140 where she also taught the gifted and developmental music programs from 1971-1977. In 2003, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company hired Ms. Koldenhoven as a producer, vocalist, vocal contractor & coach of children who sang on over 200 songs from around the world in multiple languages for their Spotlight on Music: A PreK-8 Interactive Digital-First Music Curriculum.


Through many hours of research and her tried and true methods, she has developed Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind’s Musical Ear, a comprehensive singing & music education program/curriculum – 94 page book with 7 Instructional CDs distributed by Alfred Music worldwide, $49.95, endorsed by Juilliard, NYU, Berklee, American Idol, Claremont High San Diego, Ventura College and more, to help people of all ages and levels to enjoy their lives more through the many benefits of singing and listening to music with good singing technique, well trained ear and basic knowledge of music theory.


Throughout her career Darlene has made time to travel extensively, giving her seminars, workshops, solo concerts, and television appearances. She feels it is important to teach music and voice to dedicated private students in her studio in Los Angeles, CA as well as campuses nationwide, imparting them with not only the academic knowledge and technical skills but how to put it all together into a real career. Darlene has taught thousands of students in a variety of ages from infants to seniors, and all levels from the total non-singer to the highly developed professional singer/musician recording artists on major labels.


Lessons are in person or by Skype, Facetime, Zoom. For more information and to hear audio clips, visit

Career Bio - Darlene Koldenhoven

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Teaching Credential 

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Articles by Darlene Koldenhoven

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"The Prescription is Music" is her by-monthly column in In the Key Magazine 2018-present              LINK to Magazine

Darlene's sonic education website for optimizing the ear/brain/voice/body connections.

Ask Darlene how this program can improve your voice, listening skills, communication skills, creativity, mood, self-confidence and eliminate a foreign accent or acquire one for acting/opera roles.

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Teaching Reveiws & Testimonials

“You were absolutely wonderful! You truly are a master in the truest sense of the word. I've been a music writer for over 35 years and I don't think I've ever heard the information you shared given in such a clear practical manner. The SCL Board [Society of Composers & Lyricists] is excited about the prospect of revisiting this topic, if you're willing, either in late summer or fall. Once Again, Thanks for a terrific experience.”

—Ira Hearshen, Composer, Pulitzer Prize 2x Nominee, Los Angeles, CA

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