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Creatively engaging, melodic New Age vocal music with an easy pulse and a humanitarian purpose for peace and planet.

WINNER! Best Vocal Album 2017

ZMR Awards Voted by Broadcasters Worldwide

Winner 20 Awards &

35 Nominations to Date

Color Me Home by GRAMMY-Winning Vocalist Darlene Koldehoven includes a free 24 page coloring book, integrating the lyrics/liner notes with a 55 minute CD of 11 enchanting, all original, Vocalese-Instrumentals, and Songs that draw us home.  Also a licensed sonic therapist, Darlene personally selelcted the images and designed the coloring book to compliment this engaging music for maximum calming, centering, restorative benefits while listening. Guest artists include GRAMMY Winners Tom Scott, Brent Fischer, Wouter Kellerman, Ricky Kej, Charlie Bisharat; GRAMMY Nominees David Arkenstone and Rocky Dawuni, and ten more award-winning artist.

Color Me Home CD & Coloring Book

$9.99 plus shipping

Color Me Home Companion Coloring Pencils

$1.99 free shipping

Color Me Home 

4X6in Puzzle

$2.99 free shipping

Silver Winner

Best Visionary Music Album

"Color Me Home" 6/2018

Runner Up (2nd) Best Instrumental

"First Light" 2/2018

Nomination Best

Ambient / New Age Song "Ode to Our Orb"  12/2017

6/4/18 Hollywood Songwriting Awards - 3 Nominations Best World Song "Indian Summer," Best New Age Song "Ode to Our Orb" and "Until"

Color Me Home Videos

Color Me Home Album Sampler
First Light
Kalahari Calls
Ode to Our Orb
Eternal Love's Song
Indian Summer
Song of the Swans
Open Skies
Embracing This Moment
The Pleasure of the Mourning Dove
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I can say with certainty so early in the year, that Color Me Home should be up for a Grammy. With all things considered and the work and craft that went into this music, I certainly think it deserves all the consideration for awards of recognition. You be the judge . . . This package is quite unique. I have seen a lot things over my 19 years of reviewing music but this is something special and a pleasant surprise. I must say that I thought there was not much uniqueness left in the music industry but this recording and packaging puts that thought to rest. 5/5 Stars

- Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
New Age Music Reviews

I finally got to hear your awesome album that you gave me at The View. I don’t know where to begin, but suffice it to say I’m amazed at the beauty of your soul and how the music made me feel.

Congrats on being able to conceptualize and pull off what I think is an incredible work of art that gave me a lot of pleasure.

- Will Lee

Grammy Award Winning Bassist for
The Late Show David Letterman, The View, The Fab Faux. . .

"Color Me Home is an utterly charming, beguiling, and highly entertaining recording which deserves many repeat plays in order to appreciate the care and detail that went into crafting it. Massive props to Ms. Koldenhoven on this crowning gem of her musical career (so far) . . .  It will certainly be in the running (from my perspective, at least) for album of the year in nearly any contest worth paying attention to next year."  

– Bill Binkelman
Zone Music Reporter


“Color Me Home is truly an exceptional project and one that will undoubtedly be up for many awards for 2017. Recommended!”

–Kathy Parsons

". . . Darlene Koldenhoven has proven herself over and over to be the nightingale of New Age Music. On her latest offering, Color Me Home she presents a captivating collection of New Age and healing music that is both exhilarating and blissful. These ethereal compositions will add color to anyone’s life.”     

- RJ Lannen

ZMR Reporter

"Color Me Home, is an exquisite eleven-track excursion which Darlene produced, engineered and composed the lyrics and music for, as well as sings, plays piano, synthesizer, native drums and shakers on. Beautifully and thoughtfully packaged, the CD includes a coloring book depicting images of nature, perfectly illustrating a spectacular collage of diverse arrangements and instruments. . . . Imbued with a brilliant radiance and richness throughout, listening to Color Me Home is akin to observing light hitting a giant crystal prism that emanates all colors of the rainbow. Immaculately produced, the album’s sound quality is superb and the guest performances outstanding, overall culminating in a soulfully rewarding experience that’s filled with joy, serenity and global adventure!"

– Candice Michelle

"Darlene’s creativity and talent are far above the average you may have become used to in the world of “new music,” and all eleven compositions offered up are her own!  . . .You owe it to your ears, not to mention the health of your soul, to get this for your collection…"      

– Rotcod Zzaj


"Uplifting, organic, conceptually relevant and stunning multi-media artistry!"

– Brent Fischer 

Grammy®-winning Producer, Arranger (Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, Toni Braxton)

Color Me Home by Darlene Koldenhoven must be one of the best releases of 2017 with ease, the vocals and added instrumentation are simply delightful, the compositions and arrangements are so beautifully produced and performed, it’s hard to see this album not winning an award next year, and this is Koldenhoven’s finest work to date. Color Me Home is an album that should appeal to any true music lover; it crosses genres and delivers important messages in a positive vibrant way, a thoroughly recommended release.

– Steve Sheppard

"Touches your heart! . . . The high level of talent and thought put into this truly amazing album is evident on every track."

– Donna Hughes

Color Me Home Awards

Winner!!! Best Vocal Album 2017

"Color Me Home"

ZMR Music Awards 5/2018

2 Awards “Until”

Gold Medal New Age Song

 Gold Medal Soprano Soloist

Winner Best New Age Album

"Color Me Home" 9/2/17


Best Song Ambient/Instrumental

“First Light”    4/2017

2 Nominations

Best New Age Song: "Ode to Our Orb"

Best World Song: "Indian Summer"

Nomination Best New Age/Ambient

“Ode to Our Orb”

Winner Best New Age Song


Selected for Festival Performance

Best International Song

"Indian Summer"    9/2017

Winner 3 Awards

Best Easy Listening Artist

"Eternal Love's Song"

Best Easy Listening Song

"Ode to Our Orb"

Best Easy Listening Songwriter

"Ode to Our Orb"


Nomination Best Music Video

"Until" 11/2017

Nomination Best Single

"Ode to Our Orb"

2017 Nominations for "Color Me Home" – Best Album, Best Vocal Album, People's Choice 2/16/2018 • WINNER 3rd Place - Best Vocal Album 2017  (6/3/18)

4/2018 Indie Music Channel Awards  7 Wins & 11 Nominations for Color Me Home Album

  • WINS: Artist of the Year, Best New Female Artist, Best Easy Listening Producer "Ode to Our Orb," Best Easy Listening Artist and Best Easy Listening Song "Eternal Love's Song," Best Easy Listening Recording "Color Me Home," Best World Music Recording "Indian Summer." Additional Nominations: Best Instrumental Recording "Open Skies," Best Special Music Video Under $5,000 "Until," Best Easy Listening Song "Color Me Home" & "Until," Best Easy Listening Recording "Until" & "Ode to Our Orb," Best World Music Video under $5,000 "Indian Summer."

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