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The Butterfly Samba



Lyric, Vocal, Co-Arranger, Vocal Arranger, BG vocals, Producer, Video Production - Darlene Koldenhoven.

Music - Clare Fischer.

Track Production, Keyboards, Co-Arranger, BG Vocals, Mixing, Mastering - Brad Cole.

Vocal engineers - Darlene Koldenhoven, Steve Shepherd.

Studios: TimeArt Studio, Studio City, CA, 

               The Colemine Studio, Nashville, TN.

Cover Photography - Jeff Gresko.

Cover Graphics - Brian Stroh.

Track Time: 4:34 • Video Length: 4:45

©2020 TimeArt Recordings

©2013 DarSongs Music ASCAP & Clare Fischer Productions BMI

Released November 23, 2020


Darlene Koldenhoven has a GRAMMY® Award (1987) and 3 Grammy nominations in the category of Best Jazz Vocal Performance by Duo or Group for her extraordinary 5-octave singing as lead soprano in Clare Fischer's 2+2 Plus. Darlene has written lyrics to several of Dr. Fischer's instrumental pieces that appeared on the award winning albums. "The Butterfly Samba" is her latest collaboration released in 2020 that she wrote in twenty minutes while listening to the original instrumental piece sitting in her backyard, when a swarm of butterflies surrounded her! Clare's original piece from 1962 was titled Samba da Borboletta. Some of that huge vocal range Darlene in known for, shows up in the final notes of this new song. Her vocal arrangement during the solo section is a nod to when she sang with 2+2. Darlene performs "The Butterfly Samba" in her solo act, playing the piano and singing. Ms. Koldenhoven performed nationally and in Mexico City with Dr. Fischer's group, Salsa Picante with 2+2, for twelve years until she sang as featured soprano soloist in the PBS-TV Special Yanni, Live at the Acropolis seen by over 1.5 billion viewers worldwide and began her own international career as a solo recording and performing artist. Ms. Koldenhoven has several #1 multi-award-winning albums of her own. Read complete bio here.

The Butterfly Samba

Lyric by Darlene Koldenhoven



Pretty little butterfly you flit and flutter, drifting, diving 

Wandering over blooming fields of clover


Searching for that perfect flower to release its special power 

Sharing stardust stories with each other



Where did you begin your journey

Or are you nearby returning

Or do you come alone or with a friend extend the pleasure

Stopping by to say hello to every little brightly colored flower



Glowing gently in the sun you linger for a moment

Till the warm air floats you, guides you on your merry way

Over and over, tumbling, soaring high 

Dancing wings enjoy the sky

Not a worry, not a care

Now wouldn't it be nice to samba through your life

Just like a butterfly



Now wouldn't it be nice to samba through your life

Just like a butterfly

Wouldn't it be nice

It would be so nice

Wouldn't it be nice to samba through your life

Just like a butterfly

Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly

©2013 Darlene Koldenhoven

Single Available on all platforms.

What They are Saying . . .

"As a long time fan of the music of Clare Fischer, to me, one thing about his music is that it never needs improvement. Yet when I hear it enhanced with the lyric and voice of Darlene Koldenhoven, a kind of triple musical onomatopoeia takes place, bringing The Butterfly Samba to new heights. It skillfully becomes a samba soaring with multiple pleasures for the ear and dancing with brilliant imagination for the musical soul. I’m left with just a big smile on my face and a desire to hear it over and over again. 

Fernando Gelbard, Composer, Producer, former Argentinian

Ambassador to France, Beverly Hills, CA

"Darlene Koldenhoven’s superb artistry shines brightly on her new rendition of Dr. Clare Fischer’s "The Butterfly Samba.”  This is a completely fresh and different approach from the other great versions. It shows her unique aural signature, from her singing to her lyrics to her arrangement and in the playing of all the instrumental parts by Brad Cole. I highly recommend this!

Brent Fischer, GRAMMY®-winning

 Producer, Composer, Arranger - Michael Jackson,

Toni Braxton, Eric Benet, Al Jarreau et al. Los Angeles


"The energy went through the roof on that one! We really needed this given the year we have had!!!! When Brian Connors (co-host of "Wings") heard it, he perked right up from the doldrums he has been entertaining for several weeks! Thank you!" 

– Michael Isam, WFCF Radio host of "Wings," Saint Augustine, FL

"Interesting and refreshing!"

Guido Van Der Meulen, Guido's Lounge Cafe Radio Show,

The Netherlands


"I really enjoyed the flutters and the flights your voice takes, and then soars at the end."

William Horrell, Poet, English Professor, Arkansas

"Love the the butterflies...both vibrant with color!"

Penny Oliver, Artist, North Carolina

"As a good Brazilian girl, I love Samba and I love butterflies, just like you! The video is Top. Made me dance. My favorite musician, singer and songwriter in the whole world. Love you!

Suzana Jácome Yampolschi, Recife, Brazil

Creator/Owner/Manager at Yanni, My Passion Alive,


One Earth Awards Banner.png

One Earth Awards Summer 2021

GOLD Best Jazz Single

One Earth Award Butterfly Samba.jpg


World Songwriting Awards Finalist 2021.jpg

World Songwriting Awards Fall 2021
Top Ten Finalist Best Jazz Song

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