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Best Classical Artist
Darlene Koldenhoven

9/3/2023 Indie Music Channel Awards

  #1 Album April 2007


#2 on "Top 100" for ALL of 2007

New Age/Ambient/World Radio Charts

Zone Music Awards 2007 
Infinite Voice

"Best Vocal Album"

voted & presented by Broadcasters worldwide

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Classical Crossover • New Age • Vocal Music

Infinite Voice by Darlene Koldenhoven is a glorious masterpiece of vocal-instrumental new age music, transcending what is both relaxing and captivating, musically and emotionally. This is Darlene Koldenhoven’s fourth album on TimeArt® Recordings, produced by the Grammy® Award winner herself, known world-wide for her memorable, featured soprano solo in Yanni, Live at the Acropolis DVD PBS special.

Infinite Voice truly stands alone in classical crossover design for its appealing innovative approach in blending classical with non-classical, from Stravinsky to Sting; with elements of world, smooth jazz, new age music, and Darlene's inspiring original compositions and arrangements. Weaving this all together is Darlene's celestial voice: that eloquently moving, ethereal, angelically clear, expressively strong, five-octave voice. The term “Vocal Alchemy” comes to mind when listening to how Darlene transforms traditionally instrumental new age music, into vocal new age music, as she turns her voice into an instrument, or pours out her heart in a melody with lyrics that touch the very depths of your soul.

Infinite Voice is compelling enough to move and delicate enough to transport. The 12 tracks are powerful yet peaceful, performed by world-class new age musicians and sung by one of the world's greatest voices, spinning fine gold out of beloved opera melodies from classical masters to magical themes from contemporary popular artists. The listening experience is sensational and satisfying.

To create Infinite Voice, Darlene called upon some of the world’s most accomplished, award-winning composers, arrangers, and instrumentalists. Besides performing all the vocals on the album, she collaborated on a number of the arrangements, did her own keyboard and programming work on much of the album, and contributed her own imaginative arrangements, compositions, and lyrics. The result is simply gorgeous new age music: a collection of timeless, haunting and passionately sung melodies, a metamorphosis of simply beautiful new age music.

Infinite Voice by Darlene Koldenhoven is truly a magnificent masterpiece of musicianship and performance. Her Infinite Voice shall be just that in the annals of time, be it for pure musical enjoyment, or for its meditative and restorative effects, an important addition to your musical catalogue.

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