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Darlene Koldenhoven | Workshop Descriptions

Workshops Available — Full-Day 7 Hr. w. lunch; Half-Day 4 Hr. w. snack; Mini-Day 2 Hr.

All workshops include a 15 - 30 minute Vocal Warm-Up: Gradually invigorate your vocal vibration and your body’s energy system. Shift into clarity and focus with this gentle yet powerful energy vocal warm-up, including vocal & deep breathing exercises, toning, chanting, and more. Open and energize the heart, lungs, . . . listen and connect your frequencies to the voice of your mind and soul; all “tuned-up” for the day. No singing experience necessary.

“Darlene invites you to explore and analyze your voice in a systematic way to help improve the tune, the tone and the understanding of vocal production.  Enjoy her energetic and knowledgeable invitation to Sing!

               –Don Campbell, Author “The Mozart Effect” & “Healing at the Speed of Sound”

Let Your Whole Voice Sing

GRAMMY® Winner Darlene Koldenhoven brings out the joy of singing in her entertaining and educational workshop for vocalist of all levels who would like to improve their voice and “ear” for singing in a variety of genres from classical to pop. Because your whole body is your instrument when you sing, care and use of the voice for health & longevity comes in many forms. You will experience a plethora of exercises & techniques for the versatile vocalist, ranging from vocal power and dynamics, expanding range & resonance, deep supportive breathing, vibrato v. straight tone, styles & diction, pitch-rhythm-harmony centering, to fine-tuning your musical listening & perception skills. You’ll notice the difference when you align your whole self, releasing and energizing emotions through the voice, producing a freer, more enjoyable performance by all. You will leave feeling exhilarated and refreshed with a treasure chest of tools for a more dynamic voice, stronger singing muscles with faster sensory connections between ear-brain-voice-body, healthy vocal habits, and most importantly, your beautiful tone, resonating as one seamless solo voice or wholly blended within a group. Hummmm!


Wellness With Sound and Voice

GRAMMY® Winner Darlene Koldenhoven informs and guides you to your maximum potential for wellness, using sound, music, and your voice. Move mind, body and spirit with your personal sonic vibration. Explore and exercise the voice with an ear for opening the vibration of the heart, connecting voice with spirit, and singing with intention. Expand your awareness of how the voice works and navigate through the voice/mind/ear/body connection. Move energy and support your voice and calm your life with deep breathing. Tone and balance your chakras. Experience sensory connecting, toning, vocal and rhythmic healing patterns to exercise your brain, relax your body, and become more focused. Discover how vibration, resonance, frequency, and thought form relate to the body’s electromagnetic frequencies and immune system. Perceive with deeper listening skills to aid our location in the space/time code of music. Care for your voice and the instrument case it comes in, your body. Experience the healing vibrations of the quartz crystal tuning fork. Music as prevention and remedy. No previous singing experience necessary.


Versatile Vocals for Choirs & Singing Groups

GRAMMY® Winner Darlene Koldenhove leads this Workshop for choirs of all types, from volunteer community or church choirs & praise-teams, to high school, college, university, professional levels. Those who would like to improve their voice and “ear” for harmonic group singing and solo singing in a variety of genres from classical to pop, will enjoy experiencing a plethora of techniques for the versatile vocalist ranging from vocal power and dynamics, to fine-tuning and expanding your musical listening/perception skills, range building, vibrato v. straight tone, harmonizing, pitch and rhythm centering, styles in diction, the differences in the blending in group v. soloing, movement, and much more. You will leave feeling exhilarated and refreshed with a treasure chest of tools for stronger singing muscles, healthier deep breathing, faster sensory connections between ear-brain-voice-body and most importantly, your beautiful tone resonating within the group or stepping out in solo – being truly in harmony with the ‘choir’ and rejuvenated in spirit.

Climate Reality Event

You are cordially invited to a special social event honoring our planet. Learn more about our changing environment, solutions to prevent a global climate crisis and how we can help. We open with GRAMMY® Winner Darlene Koldenhoven, inspiring us with a half-hour musical performance from her award-winning earth-conscious themed music and videos. Post concert, Darlene will give a half-hour Climate Reality Presentation with Q & A. We will end with a social gathering, where guests can meet new friends, find opportunities to play their part, small or large, and find solutions to help create a thriving environment for all. This promises to be an entertaining, educational, and fun event. Come be part of a community for a greater good. 


Darlene is an official presenter for former Vice President Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, having taken her training in Los Angeles in 2018. Slides and Videos are from his official collection with some from Darlene's personal collection included.


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