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Solo Sheet Music & Choral Octavos from Darlene Koldenhoven

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Instrumental Music from "Tranquil Times"


1. Lucid See - solo piano $5

2. Surrender - Flute with Piano $6, Flute only $3, Piano solo only $5

3. A Walk in Paradise - Flute with Piano $6, Flute only $3, Piano solo only $5

4. Eternal Love - solo piano $5

Tranquil Times: CD $15


Non-Seasonal Music

NS-1. Angel's Pastoral (Metamorphosis):

a.) Instrumental with SSA, Children, Flute, Oboe, Flugal Horn, Harp, Horns, Strings, Conductor Score $25.00

b.) Small Ensemble: Soprano Voice, Flute, Violin, Cello Harp or Piano, Conductor Score $15.00

c.) 2 Flutes & Piano, Conductor Score $10.00

d.) Piano Solo $3.00

Recorded by Darlene Koldenhoven, “Heavenly Peace” & “Free to Serve” on TimeArt® Recordings

May be used for wedding processionals, preludes, or church liturgical dance.

NS-2. Emmanuel:

a.) Solo Vocal with Piano Accompaniment $4.00

b.) Piano part only & Vocal part only also available $3 ea. or $5.00 set

c.) CD Single Trax $5.00

        Recorded by Darlene Koldenhoven, “Heavenly Peace” on TimeArt® Recordings

Heavenly Peace: CD $15


Christmas Music

C-1. Angels We Have Heard on High: SATB a cappella Quartet in 6/8 $7.00 ea. or Set of 4 $21.00

Recorded by Darlene Koldenhoven & Friends on TimeArt® Recordings’ "Heavenly Peace"

C-2. Gabriel to Mary, Weaping:

a.) Solo Voice & Piano w. Optional Background Vocals. $7.00

b.) Lead Sheet style with chords & melody $4.00 (Musicians & Singers)

c.) Lead Sheet, no chords $4.00 (Singers)

d.) Piano part only or Vocal w. Backgrounds part only also available. $5.00 ea. or Set is 8.00

e.) CD Single Trax $5.00

f.) Lyric Sheet (with Backgrounds) 50¢

Recorded by Darlene Koldenhoven, “Heavenly Peace” on TimeArt® Recordings

C-3. Silent Night:

a.) SSAA a cappella $4.00 ea. Set is $12.00

b.) CD Single Trax $5.00

Recorded by Darlene Koldenhoven on TimeArt® Recordings’ "Heavenly Peace"

C-4. The Angel's Sang: SATB a cappella Quartet. Medium Gospel/Pop $3.00ea.

Recorded by Inner Voices, "Christmas Harmony" on Rhino Records

Heavenly Peace: CD $15

Inspirational Gospel, Classical, & Contemporary Christian Octavos

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Octavos from “Free to Serve”

Most octavos have chord symbols.

Prices range from only $1.15 – $2.00 per octavo

Single-Performance Trax Cassettes available except #FTS6   $1.50 each title

Set of 10 Title Octavos $5.00

Set of 10 Title Octavos with Complete “Free to Serve” CD $10

Set of 10 Title Octavos with 9 Trax Set $15

Set of 10 Title Octavos with 9 Trax Set and Complete “Free to Serve” CD $22

75% Discount on octavos ordered 25 minimum per title while supplies last.


FTS-1. The Lord's Prayer: SATB, Soloists, Accompaniment. Medium Gospel/R&B.

FTS-2. I Love To Tell the Story: Solo with SATB, Accompaniment. Gospel/R&B.

FTS-3. Love is an Action Word: Solo with A.T., Accompaniment. Contemporary Christian Rock.

FTS-4. With His Love: Solo with SSA, Accompaniment. Medium Pop Ballad.

May use Trax string intro for I Corinthians 13 spoken word. May be used at weddings.

FTS-5. Our World Belongs to God: SATB, Soprano Solo, Piano. Classical.

FTS-6. This Little Light of Mine: SATB, Children, Soloists, Accompaniment.

Traditional to Up-Tempo Gospel arrangement of the familiar spiritual.

FTS-7. Free to Serve: SATB, Children, Accompaniment. Medium contemporary, easy.

FTS-8. Grace in Motion: Soprano Solo, SAAT. Contemporary light-jazz.

FTS-9. Look What God Has Done: SATB, Opt. Solo & Spoken Word. Ballad 3/4.

Good background choral music for testimonies, scripture, etc., or self-contained.

FTS-10. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty: SATB, Children, Solo, Spoken Word.

Traditional to Pop/ R&B. Good finale piece.

Free To Serve Cassette Accompaniment Tracks $4 per title

Free to Serve: Album CD $15 • Cassettes $4


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