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Darlene's new concert features music from her award-winning album, "Color Me Home." As the CD comes with a coloring book, these enlarged images may be displayed on stage or with beautiful videos. Depending on the venue size and budget, Darlene will be singing and playing live piano and synthesizer solos on keytar, either acoustically or with tracks from her album, along with featured instrumental soloists. Video of the songs may be shown during the concert. Additionally, a few favorites from her previous albums may be included. The full concert show lasts about 75 minutes, usually without intermission. Shorter versions are available from 15, 30, to 60 minutes. 

"Color Me Home" is 11 tracks of creatively engaging melodic New Age vocal music with an easy pulse and a humanitarian purpose for peace and planet. Music is calming but never dull with intricate arrangements and soaring melodies. Darlene emotionally connects with her audience with amusing anecdotes and touching stories of her world travels, mesmerizing them with her commanding performance and moving them emotionally with an angelic delivery of her powerful, multi-octave voice. All in all, a captivating and transcending experience.

Set List may include:

Color Me Home Tracks & additional Solo Instruments

First Light (flute, oboe)

The Pleasure of the Mourning Dove (violin)

Kalahari Calls (flute)

Song of the Swans (clarinet)

Eternal Love's Song

Indian Summer (Native flute)

Embracing This Moment (English Horn)

Ode to Our Orb (guitar)


Open Skies (flugelhorn)

Color Me Home (guitar)

Previous Album Favorites

Infinite Voice

Gabriel's Oboe

Nella Fantasia

The Prayer

Remember Me

Lucid See

Nessun Dorma

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