Booking Darlene at Your Venue

From full Concerts, Mini-Concerts, Wellness Workshops, Vocal Workshops, and Sonic Massage event, Grammy Winner Darlene Koldenhoven joyfully brings years of experience and credentialed knowledge to your location whether theater, concert hall, educational institution, festival, special gift or book store, church, guild, community, workplace or in-home setting. Her appearances have been described as mesmerizing, entertaining, educational, enlightening, inspiring, healing and more.  

Essentials to Provide
•  Purified Water & Small Table for Equipment at all locations.

• Concerts: Concert Grand piano (tuned) preferred. If no piano available, then a Motif XS88 with factory settings is a good alternative. A suitable PA system with minimum 4 channels in/out. Darlene brings her Neuman mic, iPod with her performance tracks and wearable, keytar-synth. If including video, need projector and screen to work wirh Mac laptop.

• Mini-Concerts: Darlene sings to her tracks for 30 minutes and brings her own mic & playback and depending on location, her keytar-synth. Location provides PA system or may rent a small mixing board & BOSE speaker from local service or through TimeArt Recordings - email TimeArt here.

• Workshops: Minimum 6 to 30 attendees for hands-on intimate; 31+ for general. Time Choices: One hour, Three          hours, Six hours. Audience chairs usually in a semi-circle. One small table and chair up front for Darlene.

• Promotion: Venue's standard advertising/promotion and flyers if appropriate. Please advise TimeArt and we will         assist with materials.

Quick Bio

Darlene has a GRAMMY® Award and 3 Nominations, is the first inductee into the Indie Music Hall of Fame,®  has a Masters Degree in Voice and a Bachelors in Music Education, former voice faculty UCLA, CSUN, CSLA, Citrus College. She is a Vocalist, Keyboardist, Composer, Songwriter, licensed Sonic Therapist, Speaker, Credentialed Educator, and Author of Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Mind’s Musical Ear (Book w/7CDs) endorsed by Juilliard, Don Campbell, Berklee, NYU & more. Darlene has presented workshops nationwide on the voice and vibrational healing, has been asked to be an “expert in the field” speaker at many conferences, such as The Global Sound Conference in Los Angeles, The Dynamic Listening Conference in Boulder, the Dutch Choral Society in The Netherlands, The Mozart-Brain-Lab in Belgium, Majolly Music in Bangalore India, Unity Houston, Unity Orlando, Unity Hawaii and many more. Darlene has written magazine articles on on the subject for New Age & New Sounds, Evolve, COVR, Creations and more, both in the United States and Europe. Music from her #1 CD, Tranquil Times, is playing on The CARE Channel in hospitals-hospices nationwide, on music therapy CDs, won Best New Age Album by the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards. She has three #1 albums, two have been voted Best Vocal Album and Best Holiday Album by Broadcasters Worldwide and an additional Nomination Best Vocal Album. Her Color Me Home album, has won 20 awards and 35 nominations and debuted #1 on the New Age/Ambient/World Music radio charts worldwide. Her newest, Chromatones, won 2019 Music of the Year and took the Gold medal at COVR Awards. Darlene tours with her concerts and workshops and is a voice teacher/coach and has a sonic therapy practice in Los Angeles. She is the featured soloist in the platinum DVD & PBS special Yanni, Live at the Acropolis seen by over 1.5 Billion viewers worldwide and has sung on over a thousand recordings. Recently appeared in India with Ricky Kej's Shanti Samsara Concert for Climate Awareness. Darlene is a certified presenter/leader of former Vice President Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. Darlene tours worldwide with her concerts, workshops and presentations. More information is available at Darlene’s official website,

Complimentary Products

Tune Your Voice: Singing and Your Minds Musical Ear
A comprehensive, 94 page music book with 7 Instructional CDs endorsed by Juilliard, American Idol, Berklee, NYU & Don Campbell, author of the famed "The Mozart Effect" says.... "Darlene invites you to explore and analyze your voice in a systematic way to help improve the tune, the tone and the understanding of vocal production. Enjoy her energetic and knowledgeable invitation to SING." 

More info/Buy Now Click Here

Darlene's sonic therapy website for optimizing the ear/brain/voice/body connections.

More Information Click Here

Color Me Home

Creatively engaging New Age Vocal Music with an easy pulse and humanitarian purpose for peace and planet. Includes 24p.coloring book, effectively combining listening and art therapy. Winner 20 awards and 35 nominations.

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New Age Instrumental.
Best New Age Album & debuted #1 on New Age Radio Guide 6/18
Color Me Home
NewAge Vocal
Debuted #1 May ZMR Worldwide Radio Charts 5/17. Winner 20 awards and 35 nominations. Includes coloring book.
Tranquil Times
Instrumental Relaxing
Winner! Best New Age Album 2013 by the Independent Music Awards
#1 Radio Charts 3/14
Nominated Best Piano Album with Instrumentation by Broadcasters Worldwide.
Solitary Treasures
Classical Pop
Nominated Best Vocal Album 2012 by Broadcasters worldwide
#5 Radio Charts 3/12
Inspired by a True Story
Positive Spiritual
New Thought/Unity
Infinite Voice
Classical Crossover
Best Vocal Album 2070
by Broadcasters worldwide #1 Radio Charts 4/07
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Quotes & Reviews

“Darlene presented a wonderful workshop about healing ourselves with our own voice and music. She preceded her workshop with a live concert of her music. The beauty of her music brought tears and opened our hearts. She is an important addition to any program especially about healing with sound. Darlene is really impressive as a professional performer and as a teacher of healing techniques with sound...

–Carl Bohannon, Director, Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Center, Houston

"It's hard to know where to start in praising Darlene Koldenhoven's new album . . . Color Me Home is a mega-ambitious project from this hugely talented singer/instrumentalist and she succeeds in every aspect. It's an utterly charming, beguiling, and highly entertaining recording which deserves many repeat plays in order to appreciate the care and detail that went into crafting it. Massive props to Ms. Koldenhoven on this crowning gem of her musical career (so far)."

–Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter 2/15/17

"I’ve been reviewing Darlene’s splendid “sonic therapy” works for a long time now . . with "Color Me Home," if you use the “coloring book” she’s included in the package (even includes colored pencils), you will find yourself “tripping” back to far earlier years/times, as your memories rise to the surface – which, I’ve no doubt, was a part of the whole idea… a truly wonderful piece of music that will help you return to your inner self and break away from any walls you may have built up ’round your spirit.  I can say with total certainty that my own therapist (who shall go unnamed, lol) would be more than willing to use this as a healing therapy!"                                                 –Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews 2/15/17


"In short, she does everything to put the listener into a customized zone of comfort and relaxation, to receive pleasure from music. The music is often complemented by magical flute, mystically tuned crystal-sounding layers, soft rhythms and delicately synthesized textures. Here, in Tranquil Times [sic], is a true example of an extraordinary, wonderfully beautiful album created by a real master embroiderer of soulful warmth and universal harmony."

–Sergey, Ascentor, 1/31/2014, English Translation by The Russian Duo

"Darlene Koldenhoven's exquisite "Tranquil Times" is the perfect antidote for a stressful day. Graceful melodies, liquid sonorities and delicate pianistics highlight this newest work from LA's most creative and versatile New Age artist."

–Brad Cole, Keyboardist (Phil Collins) 1/9/2014

"Darlene Koldenhoven's passionate creativity is magical and spellbinding in Tranquil Times. Listen and you will find yourself floating among rich and brilliant aural hues."

– Brent Fischer - Grammy®-winning Producer, Arranger (Michael Jackson, Usher, Al Jarreau et al ) 4/17/14

Upcoming Appearances


Currently Booking  2019 - 2020

May 31, Full Concert at Kathy Parsons House Concerts, Florence, OR

June 2, 2019 Unity of Portland, Portland, OR (mini-concert/workshop/services)

August 18, 2019, Tree People Summer Series (concert)

October 11, 2019, East West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA (concert and workshop)

October 13, 2019, Oakland Center for Spiritual Living (mini-concert/workshop/services, presentation)


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